Determined to bring thai yoga massage to the West, Candise travelled to Thailand and studied under the famous instructor Gordon Waselnuk. Combined with her 10 years in instructing yoga, Candise now has something amazing to offer you.


Candise Pearce | Certified Practitioner

Massage Experience

Candise is a dedicated practitioner of Thai Yoga Massage, also known as the physical application of ‘loving kindness’. This ancient Indian tradition is based in yoga philosophy focusing firstly on the energetic body and then the physical. The intention of yoga massage is to work mindfully and with concentration on the major Sen lines (energy lines) and Chakras (energy centers). Candise’s application of the massage is determined by your unique requests and body constitution. Yoga massage can be both firm and gentle and can include yogic stretches with rhythmic touch. Either way, you are left with an experience deeply nourishing to the body, mind, and spirit.

Is this your first time booking a Thai Yoga Massage? Please note that the session is performed in it’s full traditional method. Both you and the practitioner are on a padded floor with pillows and bolsters for support. Please arrive wearing loose fitting or comfortable clothes ie. a cotton t-shirt, tank or sports bra, long shorts, cropped pants, or full-length pants. We will also have suitable clothing available by request.

Nutrition & Food

  • Certified Holistic Nutritionist – Canadian School of Natural Nutrition 2011/12
  • Meal Preparation for Eckhart Tolle and Kim Eng 2018/19
  • Regenerative Detoxification Certificate by Dr. Robert Morse – 2018
  • Raw Food Chef Mentorship – 2013-2014

Yoga Experience

  • Yogic Lifestyle Training (AQL) – Dharma Temple 2018/19
  • Yogic Lifestyle Training (AQL) – Mentor – Dharma Temple 2019/20
  • 200 hr Yoga Teacher Training Certified by Ron Reid & Marla
  • Manakshi Joy – 2016
  • Yoga Outreach Program – 2017
  • Trauma Informed Yoga outreach certificate
  • KPJAYI Yoga Training Mysore, India 2018


Performed in a private & tranquil environment.

Connect your body & mind.

With your body relaxed through massage, energy flowing from yoga & spirit lifted through tea meditation, a new you awaits.


Thai Yoga Massage

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Thai yoga massages, yoga or tea meditations.